.Jack is photographed here with his long time associated assistant Steve Long of Mt. Sterling, Kentucky and Panama, where Steve with his son is developing real estate property, building houses, and operates a successful Banana, Fruit, and Nut Plantation. This is a portrait of Robert Milward for Milward's Funeral Home of Lexington, Kentucky painted in 2009 when Jack was moving back to Kentucky after residing in Palm Beach, Florida for twenty years.

After a fifty year experience in painting fine portraits, the artist feels like they keep getting better and this exquisite and finely done portrait exemplIfies this fact.

Empty Church Seats

Jack with Eastern Kentucky University President 

Hanging portrait of the famous

Baseball Legend Earle B. Combs

Former Board Director of EKU

Jack Hodgkin Portraits and Music

Steve and Jack hold up 

Handsome Robert Milward

Jack with Famous Band leader Dick Johnson 

The Artie Shaw Orchestra at Port St . Lucie West Concert.  Jack and Dick Johnson played together with the Buddy Morrow Orchestra on the Bob Hope March of Dime Shows in 1956.  Governor "Happy" Chandler set this up.  Morrow later became leader of The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and Morrow assisted Mr. Hodgkin with his noted Sea of Love DVD Musical Film and Concerts in Florida and coming soon to Kentucky to be announced.

ps:  Artie Shaw said that Dick Johnson was the best clarinet player in the world - that is - after Artie retired and grabbed Dick to lead.

‚ÄčAlso, what a great friend of the past!