Jack has created this website for an exhibit of his work for former and potential new clients. He has painted successful portraits for many years of noted individuals both for institutions and homes throughout the nation. Following is also information on his well-known musical career with some of the top jazz musicians of all time. 


Jack Kennedy Hodgkin

137  Rose Street #105

Lexington, Kentucky 40507

Cell :​  jhodgkin714@yahoo.com


        Mr. Hodgkin has been both painting portraits, composing and playing music for many years.  He has painted numerous works of prominent Judges for Federal, State, and local Courthouses; Colleges and Universities: Religious works for Christian Churches.  There are artistic Equine paintings of famous racehorses including Fox Hunt Scenes of the famous Iroquois Hunt Club of Central Kentucky and more recently his original painting of Seabiscuit "Wining the famous Santa Anita Handicap in 1940" one of the great moments of American Sports History.

          Jack Kennedy Hodgkin was instrumental in getting the creation of Fort Boonesborough State Park and the painting of the portrait of Daniel Boone in 1975 with other historical paintings in that era of two hundred years before when the original fort was built.  The original fort construction was done by Daniel Boone, his friends among the Bush Family Ancestors of Jack Hodgkin, himself.  


          The Music began as soon as Jack Hodgkin could even walk and he won his first talent contest at the age of five singing "Home on the Range" influenced by Cowboy State, Gene Autry.  Following that during World War II, Jack won another contest in 1944 at eight singing, "It Had To Be You", wearing a yellow bow tie like his new singing hero then, Frank Sinatra.  At age twelve, Jack was again on the stage singing his Al Jolson numbers like, "You Made Me Love You - I didn't want to do It" to a packed opera house for the Lions Club Minstrel Shows of the early 1950's.

          Next came playing the alto saxaphone in his first orchestra at fourteen and then leading his own Southland Ragadores at sixteen taking the young dance band as counselors to Camp Carlyle at Hendersonville, North Carolina.

          After attending The University of Kentucky in 1954, Jack joined several popular music groups including The Dixie-ttes and popular radio show at the famous Little Inn; The Frank Wagner Combo, the Four Sounds; and Charlie Blair Orchestra including six years with the United State Army Special Service Orchestra.  More on Jack's long musical career follows on information that comes with living and playing in The Palm Beaches of Florida 1990-2010 and top musical groups and popular stage shows.