Mr. Waterfield was also President of Kentucky Life Insurance Company

Wendel H. Ford

Governor of Kentucky

United States Senator

H. Church Ford

Federal Judge

Henry J. Wilhoit, Jr.

Chief Judge Federal Court of

The Eastern Kentucky Division 

Dr. Robert Martin

Eastern Kentucky University

James Shannon Attorney

Richmond, Kentucky

Bert T. Combs

Governor of Kentucky

Federal Judge

Unveilings are fun.  I enjoyed the Clauson Family that were most proud to have Dr. Clauson's portrait hung at The University of Kentucky Medical Center.


Chief Justice of The Kentucky Supreme Court

Bernard Monyahan

Federal Judge

Harry Lee Waterfield

Lt. Governor of Kentucky

Burt Cox, Phd.

President of Midway College.

Dr. Edward Guerrant

Guerrant Clinic

Dr. D. Kay Clauson

Dean of College of Medicine

University of Kentucky Medical Center

Chancellor for Medicine

University of Kansasd 

Pope John Paul II

hung at

The Palm Beach Catholic Diocese

‚Äč(He created)


University of Kentucky

Medical Center